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November 3-5 Traveling in Regensburg, Germany

October 27-29 Oberlin, OH Oberlin Blues Weekend

October 13-15 Boise, Idaho Tree City Blues

October 6-8 San Francisco, CA Mean Old Blues Festival

September 29-October 1 Traveling in Valencia, Spain

September 22-24 Traveling in Stockholm, Sweden

September 15-17 Traveling in Dortmund, Germany

September 8-11 Traveling in Milano, Italy

September 1-4 Los Angeles, CA Camp Hollywood

August 24-27 Washington, DC Area International Lindy Hop Championships

August 19-20 Denver, CO Man Camp (Mike)

August 12 Boston, MA Living Room Workshop with Mike

August 5-6 Boston, MA Sweet Molasses Blues

July 29-August 5 Traveling in Le Mont Dore, France

July 22-23 Traveling in Copenhagen, Denmark

May 19-21 Zurich, Switzerland Blossom Blues

April 20-24 Montreal, Canada Montreal Bagel and Blues

April 7-9 Chicago, IL USA BluesSHOUT! 

March 24-26 Fair City Blues

March 10-12 The Blues Garden (Mike Only)

March 8-12 Portland, Oregon (Ruth in training for Franklin Method 2 certification- contact for private lessons.)

March 3-5 Austin, TX USA Austin Blues Party