They Say

“One of the most fun privates I’ve had!” – Adam Wilkerson (Huntsville, AL)

“Ruth and Mike taught this year at the Winter Blues, and I couldn’t have asked for better instructors. They went above and beyond their jobs, and they left students eager for more. They brought a fantastic, lighthearted chemistry to classes, and gave their students concrete things to work on while having a blast doing it. Not only did they bring solid instruction and loads of fun to Winter Blues, they also did it with HUGE class sizes. We had at least 80 students in each class with skill levels ranging from beginner to intermediate/advanced, and yet people consistently commented on how they were able to walk away with new information regardless of their skill level going in. Even outside of classes, Mike and Ruth were so great to work with. They genuinely care about their students, and, when judging competitions, worked hard to give competitors constructive criticism, and they did a fantastic job DJing on top of everything. Winter Blues 2012 wouldn’t have been the great experience it ended up being without Ruth and Mike. Plus, they’re just freaking awesome people with contagious positivity, and a passion for what they do. I give them each a giant gold star.”
– Laura Wood, Organizer of Winter Blues (Greenville, SC)

“Gratuitous thanks to Ruth and Mike; Your instructions have, I hope, improved my dancing. Furthermore, on a personal note, they have rekindled the desire to, and the belief that I can, become a better dancer. Thank you, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart-cavern.”
– Eric Gonzalez, Student (Tucson, AZ)

“Ruth and Mike are a pleasure to work with. They really bring it to their classes and their students.  They are accessible and engaging, while being grounded in a deep understanding of the body mechanics involved. They are good are reading the room and offering students what they need at their level. Plus, they are such fun to spend time with and dance with.”
Rachel Katz, Organizer of Off Grid Blues (Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage Rutledge, MI)

“I’m awake, because whenever I close my eyes I can only imagine dancing, endlessly, pure joy over and over. Thank you Ruth for giving me so much to think about and look forward to!”

– Reg Arvidson, Student (Orlando, FL)

“You engaged the class so easily. You made people feel comfortable
with your lighthearted banter and easygoing body language. You made
the dances themselves approachable, and gave us enough drills to
actually begin to get them into our bodies, without ever letting us
get bored. Everyone was always so much more willing to engage with
other people in the classes you taught.
I gotta say, after taking your classes, I’m completely hooked on
blues! I’m now dancing it to all kinds of different genres while
– Preston Parry, Student (San Francisco, CA)

“Great workshop! Thanks Ruth and Mike for teaching – really focusing on giving tango movements a blues aesthetic was something I hadn’t put much thought into yet, so these lessons were awesome.”
– Kevin Kim, Student (Atlanta, GA)

“Ruth and Mike are totally boss so you should, like, go.”
– Ratushebarl R., Student (Boston, MA)

“We also need to thank Mike Grosser and Ruth Hoffman for their incredible and tireless instruction yesterday. So much information yesterday in 6 hours of instruction, it was like drinking from a fire hose, which is exactly what we wanted! Your instruction and presence was fantastic. On behalf of Nova Blues’ community, thank you for infusing us with your knowledge and making us stronger.”
– Ryan Thomas, Organizer of NOVA Blues (Edmonton, Alberta Canada)

[About The Winter Blues] “Along with the great weekend, I had a life-changing private lesson with Ruth Hoffman in which I learned how to stand. :)”
– Brooke Stephens, Student (Greenville, SC)

“Hey Ruth and Mike, thanks so much for doing the workshops the other day. I like your teaching style a lot. I’ve been to plenty of workshops that focused on precise positioning and connection, which is great, but I (and probably a lot of other analytical people) frequently find myself in a well-connected place stumped unable to think of anything interesting to do. It’s actually really hard to find blues workshops that teach you how to do a whole bunch of different things in different ways. And you two nailed it.
I’m also sort of training/learning how to be a swing/lindy instructor one day and I appreciated getting to learn from you since you’re a great example of a well connected partnership that communicates with each other and teaches effectively.
So basically… thanks!”
– Paul L., Student (Boston, MA)

“Ruth was able to pinpoint the next hurdle I needed to overcome in order to be a better dancer; namely, to get out of my own head! Both she and Mike clearly love what they are doing, which immediately puts you at ease. They bring out the goofy, fun and funny parts of dancing so that you can move beyond any self-consciousness you may have to do what you came to do: dance! All the while, they are delivering some of the best blues lessons I have ever attended. I feel so lucky to have met these dance gypsies!”
– Sarah Elise, Student (Boston, MA)